4 Jun 2012

Dear Marketing Manager

Here's a curious cache of my letters, never before seen in public. Writing to marketers and advertisers, I ask the tough questions about their campaigns:

- Why does the Post Office see their customers as ants?
- Who thought 'Retardex' would make a good name for toothpaste?
- What made a BANK choose the colour RED for its marketing?
- Is a phone company encouraging customers to put an octopus in the washing machine?
- Did Gourmet catfood use a genuine amputee cat in their photos?
- Why won't Philips let me buy a neonatal baby monitor?

These and many more letters, with full colour photos of the ads, generated some intriguing, defensive and funny replies, shown alongside my letters. All letters are genuine. Read them here.

Yours sincerely,

PK Munroe

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