18 Jun 2012

Forthcoming titles from PK Munroe Press

Fifty Sheds of Grey
By 'A
An u
nusual combination of full-on eroticism and practical gardening advice.

How to Grow Your Own Mother Teresa Potatoes
By PK Munroe
Ingenious attempts to raise vegetables in the likeness of great spiritual leaders.

What's in it for Me, God? The Consumer's Guide to the Afterlife
A hard-nosed re
view of the religious marketplace. They want your soul, but what can you expect in return?

Why Can't the Bastards Manage Themselves?
By Gloria Greenspooner, MBA
An enraged senior executive drops the management-speak and lets rip.

You Must Be Joe King
By Joe King
Yet an
other ghosted autobiography from a stand-up comic. Aged 14, he is already being hailed as the new saviour of comedy.

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