15 Mar 2012

At last, nodding head celebrities!

In 2006 Churchill Insurance ran an ad campaign featuring their famous 'nodding dog bulldog' on the back windowledge of a car.  We wrote to Churchill's M.D. to say that this was cute, but outdated in our celeb culture; why not produce some nodding human celebrity heads instead?

They didn't take this up - not even the idea of a 'nodding Divine Brown' - but 6 years on, it features in Thrift Insurance's internet sidebar adverts (see left).  A weirdly gyrating head on the screen is perfectly in keeping with our original aim to mock adverts and celebs, but it's hard to see why Alexei Salye agreed to do it, unless he too sees it as a subversive act. 

Anyway, enough of that: where's my royalty?

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