17 Jun 2015

'The Manopause Manual' - coming soon

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What is the Manopause?
A new humour book reveals what happens to men when they reach their fifties.  It’s not all about being grumpy and dreaming of sports cars – no, that’s only about 60% of it. 

‘The Manopause Manual’ takes us into the minds of married men having a midlife moment, who are in danger of thinking too much. The book encourages them to stop with the deep thoughts and get scheming for new ways to enjoy this stage of life:

·         Convincing our wives we need a new hobby
·         And a lad’s holiday
·         And a beard, and possibly a sports car

Humour author PK Munroe (‘The Thursday Night Letters’, ‘You Can Stick It’) explores suitable hobbies, and explains in detail why a shed is now the new sports car.  He warns his fellow-men about modern obsessions with health, exercise, food, sport, and philosophy: a brisk examination reveals the latest thinking on all of them to be riddled with contradictions, and best ignored in favour of taking it easy.  And he pours scorn on the way that the male talent for identifying important social problems is labelled ‘being grumpy’.

The Manopause Manual is a useful guide to male eccentricity for women, too.  Find out what he is he really thinking when casting sidelong glances at motorbikes and electric guitars, and discover why he needs hobbies and regular meet-ups with his pals. The poor chap isn’t made for thinking – he needs to be out there doing, just like his ancestors who went off hunting for days on end (or so they claimed).

PK Munroe’s new release joins his recent books How Not to be a Tourist in London and 50 Ways to Get Amazon to Pay More Tax as an essential slim volume for the loo bookshelf.
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