11 Aug 2014

New Kindle book - getting more tax from Amazon

My new e-book, 50 Ways to Get Amazon to Pay More Tax, is available on the Kindle, Amazon’s own e-reader (as well as other readers and formats).

Yes, a bit cheeky to publish on the Kindle But if the book does well, they might pay a bit more tax. Maybe.

Many of the 50 ideas in the book refer to Amazon’s treatment of its warehouse workers, whose toilet breaks are limited and timed; I suggest applying similar rules to shareholder meetings. Other thoughts focus on Amazon's steady march towards becoming the biggest retailer on Earth.

Toilets and world domination - always good for a laugh.
There are various suggestions for “consumer disobedience” and other ways to solve the tax issue:
  • dressing up as a tax inspector and hanging around Amazon’s offices,
  • incentivising them by re-naming the river Trent as ‘The Amazon’
  • setting up barrage balloons on the roof of your house to interfere with deliveries by Amazon drones.
The e-book is short, so it's priced low at £1.15 / $1.93. (Also I don’t want this putting me in a higher tax bracket.) 

See the book online on the Amazon UK Kindle store, and the US one.

Also available in other e-reader formats at Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble etc.

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