8 Oct 2013

5 reasons to dislike Linked In

1.  It's desperate.
"Do you know Fred?"  "Why not connect with Jim?"  "You may know Bill..."  These are just a few of the frequent, matchmaking-type pleas I get from Linked In.  Stop trying to set me up with everyone, for Pete's sake!

2.  It's creepy.
"Do you know who viewed your profile?"  Well, that's sort of interesting - but hang on, it means that anyone I visit knows I've been taking a look at their page.  Which means, dear Linked In, that I now actively avoid visiting other people's profiles.

3.  It's clingy.  
Like a movie psychopath, Linked In doesn't want you to leave.  Try using the Back button to go back to the website you were on before you came there, and you'll see what I mean.  Let go, Linked In!

4.  It's trashy.
Every time I visit Linked In, it's promoting some piece of tabloid fluff - 10 ways to tell if your boss is an idiot, 6 things you should never throw at work, what 90% of people don't know about wombats - which I am idiotically drawn to, but wish I hadn't botherered.

5.  It's pesky.
Linked In likes nothing better than finding new reasons to email me.  First it was updates ('Jim's got a new job!'), then it was emails suggesting that some improbable company, most likely in Ratville, Ohio was looking for someone like me.  Leave off already!

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