5 Jul 2013

My vision of Web 3.0 - Anti-social media

We're all getting fed up with social media.  It's tired, it's lame, it's like a bloody kindergarten - will you be my Friend? Do you Like me?  Can we Connect?  If I Endorse you will you Endorse me back?  BAH!

Time for anti-social media.

I see Twatter, where we upload our least-favourite celebrities and give them a Twatting.  And there's a Hate All button to save time.

I want to get an email at 11.30pm from Drinked-In saying "Fred Smith hates you. Why not hate him back?"  With some new suggestions:  People who hate Fred Smith also hate...

Meanwhile on ArseBook we'll be telling each other where to shove it. And on Hate-mail too.

And everywhere, next to the Like button will be an Arse button to show our displeasure:

And t-shirts in the same vein:

Join me in the new world of Web 3.0 - where we tell it like it is!

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