3 Nov 2011

So you think you know London?

Think you know London?  Be prepared to think again!  My new e-book, How Not to Be a Tourist in London, is published today and is available for download to the Amazon Kindle for just £2.88.

Even Londoners will discover dozens of insights and secrets about their historic capital!  Did you know, for example:

  - Which new Olympics structures are said to be haunted?
  - How to ask restaurants for the best local produce 'off menu' ?
  - Where swimming in a London pond might make you rich?
  - Why so many cabbies don't like tipping?
  - How to tell when you are being given bogus directions?

Packed with insider information, this e-book is essential reading for locals and visitors alike.  Read some extracts here.

See the book on Amazon USA
PS.  Ready for Sony and other e-readers soon