10 Aug 2011

Top Tweets about the riots

@thewritertype  The best way to stop young kids from rioting is for their parents to join in and make it totally uncool.   #londonriots

@MadamMiaow  Police can't break into Blackberry BBM messages. Have they tried News International?   #londonriots

@mslulurose  The Youth of the Middle East rise up for basic freedoms.The Youth of London rise up for an HD-ready 42" Plasma TV   #londonriots

@r_karim  Great quote from Waterstone's employee on the news: "We'll stay open, if they steal some books they might learn something"   #londonriots

@modernmod   I keep wondering, what is Kate Middleton wearing during all this?  #londonriots

@TheWaffer  My son went to Clapham Junction for the #riotcleanup today. Can you please ask him to do his bedroom next

@thewritertype  Clapham crowd gave Boris and Theresa May a broom. Boris pretended to sweep, then Theresa flew home on it.  #Londonriots

@JeremyJHardy  Some of these kids out nicking trainers look young enough to have made them.

@garyadweir  the broom is mightier than the sword http://yfrog.com/kj5oewj   #riotcleanup